Getting Clinical Science Into Clinical Practice, Fast

PeerVoice facilitates the rapid adoption of clinical education into clinical practice to swiftly improve patient outcomes.


Reach Millions of Healthcare Professionals Globally

PeerVoice has access to a network of 5.7M+ validated, active and practicing healthcare professionals.

Our interactive educational programmes are designed to maximise learner engagement and get clinical science into clinical practice, fast.

Achieve Measurable Change, At Scale, Rapidly

70% of healthcare professionals completing PeerVoice independent medical education plan to implement change to their clinical practice.

With our quick to launch education and global network of 5.1M+ healthcare professionals, we deliver big learning with big impact.

Improve Patient Outcomes

PeerVoice is committed to enhancing the knowledge, behaviour and practice of the medical community and advancing excellence in healthcare.

In line with best practice, we evaluate all our educational activities to Moore’s Level 4 to measure confidence (and when appropriate, Level 5 to measure performance).

With 80% of physicians completing PeerVoice education activities feeling more confidence in their therapeutic area, we are confident that we are improving patient outcomes.

Access Leading-Edge Disease-Area Expertise

PeerVoice has strong faculty relationships with hundreds of in-demand thought leaders. Our medical and editorial teams are experts in combining the latest scientific knowledge with innovative interactive educational techniques.

With 1,600+ successful activities launched globally across 148 therapeutic areas, you can be confident that you are working with the global leaders in independent medical education.

Global Leaders in Independent Medical Education

Global physicians and healthcare professionals have been participating in PeerVoice digital activities for over 16 years to acquire new clinical skills, test their knowledge, and improve their practice of medicine.

Using comprehensive insights into healthcare professionals’ unmet learning needs, our expert medical, educational, instructional design and technical teams produce key scientific data and relevant clinical perspectives, and deliver it to the people who need it most.

From innovative omni-channel digital content to live events, our independent medical education activities are carefully designed to deliver meaningful and measurable change in healthcare professional behaviour and improve patient outcomes.

PeerVoice’s responsive-design technology delivers an effective learning environment on any device. All activities are delivered in multiple formats and multiple languages, and can be consumed quickly, at any time, from any place, and on any device on a proven platform which professionals trust.

Through our extensive network, our independent medical education activities reach millions of actively-practicing clinicians around the world. We thoroughly measure and analyse each educational activity, ensuring that we are improving patient care and identifying knowledge gaps to be bridged with future learning opportunities.


PeerVoice uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to access and analyse ‘big data’ about healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) learning needs and preferences.

We accurately predict clinicians’ questions and knowledge gaps on a global scale and proactively address their future learning needs, through our compelling independent medical education.


Across our network of over 5.7+ million validated healthcare professionals, we know exactly which learners to reach and how to engage with them for maximum participation in every educational activity.

This means that our innovative education really does facilitate the rapid adoption of clinical education into clinical practice, fast.


At PeerVoice we know that analysing the outcomes of each educational activity is essential to effective knowledge transfer.

We produce the most comprehensive outcomes reports in the industry demonstrating that our evidence-based educational activities lead to meaningful and measurable change and support the advance of excellence in global healthcare.

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